Means ‘wish’ or ‘unreachable desire’ in Arabic, and means ‘noble one’ in Irish. Mona’s name defenition doesn’t lie; she is and unreachable wish to many of those in her life. Mona has a low confidence, but little does she know every guy and girl obsesses over her. Mona is a woman with a heart full of dreams, and a headfull of thoughts. Since her mind is constantly buzzing with multiple things, she has major anxiety, which she hides from almost everyone. Mona tries to hide her true feelings by making jokes and laughing all her pain off; but she is quietly breaking inside. Most of the time Mona is very hopeful and optimistic, but every once in a while she’ll go crazy.

Mona is one of the most loyal and lovable people you will EVER meet, so you have to keep her close. Mona is also incredibly attractive and beautiful, but remains humble about her looks; She seduces every man around her without even knowing it. Lastly, Mona is a very creative soul with ideas that she wants to use to change up the world
I love mona

“She’s a total mona”
by Lover of nothing February 23, 2018
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A girl who is sensitive and easily hurt, but never stays mad long since she is full of love. She cannot be disloyal and will not put up with people who are fake or think they are better than someone else. Monas will sometimes do things that you don't understand but will never act like someone she is not. Give her your trust and she will never let you down.
I wish my friend were more of a Mona...
That girl is so sweet...a real Mona if I ever saw one!
by cheribelle February 05, 2010
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ROYAL in Greek, in Arabic it means WISH OR DESIRE and in African pronounced Muna meaning the LORD IS WITH YOU.
Damnnn Mona is fine!!
by Mona March 25, 2004
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A woman as bright and beautiful as the moon, illuminating every kind of shadow in your life. Mona is a strong character with so much depth and wisdom; it’s no surprise that the Arabic translation means ‘unreachable wish or desire’. Count your blessings, one of which is encountering a Mona. Definitely a rare and precious gem of a person with a name fitting of her personality.
Coming across a Mona is as lucky as a four-leaf clover.
by Bolingo_24 August 14, 2019
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In Arabic is ‘Mouna’ which means a wish/desire which is fitting because Mona is the embodiment of everything you could desire. Her essence is one of genuine beauty which flows from the depths of her soul and even trickles onto her physical appearance. A character that is far beyond remarkable which derives from her selfless heart, a heart that generates so much warmth to all those surrounding her.
What’s a 4-letter word that ressembles perfection?”

“Easy. The word is Mona.”
by Bolingo_24 May 10, 2019
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Mona is like a four-leaf clover, a rare and precious finding that you would never risk letting go. “How so?” You ask. Mona ticks all the right boxes. She is powerfully determined, passionately invested and superbly skilled. Her capacity to make your life better (be it as a friend or a lover) is beyond admirable. Her essence is contagious, it’s impossible to be beside her without wanting to crack a smile! Her eyes tell the most beautiful story and her mind is intensely seductive. Let’s not forget that she is a queen in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

Mona is a pure and genuine soul that lives life with her heart on her sleeve. She loves advocating for human rights (mostly women’s), Disney movies and singing covers of her favourite tunes! Physically Mona is built like a goddess despite whatever her insecurities tell her! She is the most beautiful creature in existence. One of the greatest pleasures you’ll experience is having Mona in your life. Cherish her, always!
“Hey man! Would you date Mona?”

Date her?? I would MARRY Mona!”
by Bolingo_24 April 09, 2020
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A dark but beautiful girl who is very loving and friendly to those close to her, but is painfully shy and can come across as cold to strangers. Tough about her emotions and will only cry in front of certain people. Loves horror movies, mushrooms, and anime.
My best friend is such a Mona, I'm the only one who's ever seen her cry.
by beep beep pants June 17, 2011
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