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Antioch High School.It's a very ugly and rundown school & a disgrace to the town.Most teenagers that go to that awful hell hole, are hellof ratchet, ghetto, ignorant, have no class, no manners, bad behavior, terrible attitude & don't know how to act in society .The students parents are most likely on welfare and use their checks buying them clothes, shoes, and accessories when they should be spending it on more important necessities because they know they're hellof broke but wanna act like their not by buying expensive clothing.AHS also has very low STAR testing scores due to most of the student bodies lack of knowledge & learning ability.36% of the student body either go to in a continuation school or drop out altogether.If that wasn't enough, even their sports teams perform poorly.The football team, cheerleaders, & their softball team seem to be the worst.Chlamydia is a very common STD to catch at that school.However,6 boys and girls were said to have Syphilis (look it up it's an STI) which could be a bit more dire.There was a rumor at DVHS, their more educated rival school, that people had AIDS or Herpes but all that was was a rumor taken out of proportion just to bash on the teens and the school. Just too conclude, the students at Antioch High aren't bad people.Just very poorly behaved, ignorant, ghetto, ratchet, classless, low live teenagers that only care about their image.Not all students at that school are like anything that's typed above.It's just the majority.
At Antioch High School all the girls are $2 dollar hoes & the guys wanna be something they're not.
by ThisTruthIsNotFake January 07, 2011
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A school laughed at, joked about, looked down on... for no good reason. People like to focus on the very few ghetto people there are. Yes they're there, but you know what else is there? Smart people. Kids getting accepted into major colleges, some even ivy leagues. Talented people. Kids who receive attention from outside sources they are so good at the sports they play, some even getting scouted. Sweet people. There is not one day that goes by I don't see at least 1 caring action take place in front of me or to me. Funny people. There's a few that are school known because of their ability to make people laugh. Teachers who care. Man we have some teachers fighting for us to get that good grade, to go to college, to make something of ourselves. Pride. We have thousands of alumni who love this school with all they got so why don't we ?
Antioch high school is not appreciated enough
by Someonewhogoesthere February 09, 2015
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