10 definitions by Smilodactyl222

A hybrid between a wild animal and a domestic one caused by feral animals crossing with wild varieties. Named after a similar incident from the backstory of "The Hunger Games".
I've heard stray dogs in Australia are producing mockingjays with the native dingoes...
by Smilodactyl222 February 05, 2015
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A college student who has been in the same course for several years because he doesn't study.
That Balrog...a student from an older batch. He shall not pass!
by Smilodactyl222 February 05, 2015
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A large marine mammal, Odobenus rosmarus, native to the icy Arctic waters, which irony-blind people often refer to as a walrus.
The saber-toothed seal's only natural enemy is the frost grizzly.
by Smilodactyl222 February 11, 2015
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A dome-like haircut resembling a mushroom. Often stereotypically associated with Chinese kids.
Moe from the Three Stooges has an impressive shroom-do.
by Smilodactyl222 February 14, 2015
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A puppet leader, often used to appease the subordinates, who is under complete control by another, usually greater, governing power.

Named after Kingdok, the king of the Rat Creatures from Jeff Smith's "Bone".
George seems to rule the board meetings, but he's just the kingdok of the head CEO.
by Smilodactyl222 February 08, 2015
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A hybrid between a koala and a panda, the koanda is native to Asian islands between China and Australia and spends much of its time feeding on the bambalyptus, its favorite food.
Does the koanda exist? I myself has never seen one.
by Smilodactyl222 February 08, 2015
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1.) A water bear, the hardiest creature alive.
2.) Someone who, like a water bear, is slow and unassuming, but shockingly unflappable.
1.) Tardigrades can survive in space.
2.) Joe's such a tardigrade, man. He never does anything but he never fails at school!
by Smilodactyl222 March 08, 2015
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