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An elite task force armed to the teeth with laser pointers, x-rays, projectors, phone taps, and small audio recording devices. The use drastic military tactics to give themselves probable cause to harass tweakers
Those shadow people weren't the drugs it was the goddamn ghost feds. You're not tweaking your phone is actually tapped the ghost feds are at it again
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When a girl eats a bunch of corn and you fuck her in the ass and she shits on your dick and you cum in the shitty corny mixture.
*See's wife eating corn* I can't wait to give that bitch a famous bowl later tonight
by SlinkyDickTheOriginalSimp July 22, 2022
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The gold star standard of bitches. The type of bitch that folds their jeans over their ankles with a fuckboy haircut. You can smell the douchebag coming off of them from a block away.
"take a look at this krinkle cut bitch."
by SlinkyDickTheOriginalSimp August 13, 2022
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When something is so vulgar, sick, or violent viewer discretion is advised.
When that bitch blew me after my dick was in her butt that was m for mature
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A fucking god the leader of the Riverside cult. Me trustyn fucking cloutier
When the cops ask for my name I tell em Slinky Richard
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Another way to call someone a practice girl, not typically hot, not typically great, but similar to that pack of meat that's cheaper than the other it'll have to do.
Damn yo she was a crash course bitch
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