a) After prolonged use of crystal meth, when a person's face look like someone chewed it up then spit it back out. b) When a meth users face look like an old chew toy because of scabbing and scarring due to picking at their skin in reaction to crank bugs.

Meth face is common among trailer park hookers.
by twistedbabydoll December 8, 2007
Aka IMF. Some one who appears to be in transition from normal human face to full blown meth face. Usually the result of recent negative lifestyle choices including but not limited to meth use.
Dude what happened to Jenny? She looked good in high school but now she has intermediate meth face.
by Brokeninternets August 20, 2015
A person with obvious caters and decay in their face and teeth. They’ve clearly had a long term relationship with methadone or heroin. They are past the point of no return.
I feel so bad for that woman that just walked by she had resting meth face
by Tittytata April 2, 2020