From madness combat but the name sounds like a retired Lawyer that lives in texas
by imthatfriend;))) May 30, 2021
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AKA Bokey

Sanford is one of the strangest towns in Florida. On one side you got the hicks that love to head to The Barn on 13th street. Which is funny because 2 blocks away are some of the most ghetto hood niggas around the area.

Parts of Sanford need to be bulldozed and the people kicked out.

Downtown Sanford is gettin' pretty nice and you can always hit up one of the bars like The West End, Jason's Martini Club or The Willow Tree for a good time.
You been down to Sanford lately?

Hell no, I don't want to get my ass jumped by them crack dealers or cheap hoes on 13th skreet!
by That407 April 18, 2010
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At the other end of Route 111, Sanford Maine is home to a large population of Welfare Cadets, Pregnant Teenagers, Drug Addicts and general Scumbags. Ironically, the average Sanford resident is completely unaware of the fact that they are wallowing in shit. Adversely, most long term residents may even feel an allegiance to the shit hole which they have become accustom to .
Man, Biddeford really blows...We should move! I hear Sanford is pretty shitty too!

Dude, I hooked up with this chick in Sanford, and now I've got AIDS.

I parked my car in Sanford to run in the store and my change got stolen out of it!

Dude, now that we graduated from Wells High School we should totally move to Sanford!
by kpunx September 7, 2009
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A lean, mean, khaki wearing machine! Secretly looks up to the boob! Bud light drinking, shop sittin, pork chop cooking mad man! Aka sanny; Billy G; sandals; San man!!!!🤙🏼
Sanford loves Booba!
by BC Bad ASS December 27, 2016
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Care taker, Problem solver, crisis manager, concierge
Just when things seemed at their worst, he was able to pull a sanford.
The situation was bad, but he was able to sanford through.
by S.J.S. August 16, 2006
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A small town in Sanford Maine. Home of the Redskins probably the worst football team in all of America. No surprise though because they come from Sanford High School a dump of a place where if your lucky you can get stabbed in the bathroom for being a bitch and using the wrong stall. Most people think Sanfords a Bad place but as long as you stay away from areas

near the mills you will probably not get robbed. The usual Hangouts are the bowling alley which is a shitty dump and owned by retards but the alternative is the green room which is another POS id rather just hangout at walmart and hope to god no girls talk to me because there fucking hiddous. But other then that sanford a good place just filled with bad people!
I hear Sanford Sucks?

No just most of the fake as white gangsters like Joe Martell or whatever.

Want to go to Sanford i have to piss and would like to get Shanked.
by Theunown September 18, 2011
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City in Florida: Hellhole, where only the shittiest of people live. Even the nice neighbor hoods are only where crack dealers and whores live.
Lets go to the ghetto, but I'm not sure which part of Sanford to go to.

Sanford is the bane of my existence.
by MouthSexer March 25, 2011
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