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The best fitting name for a Gamecube. Nicknamed by PS2 and Xbox followers, it compiles all of the Gamecube's capabilities into a neat nickname. It gained it's nickname because Nintendo markets its products to lots of kids or people who can' go the extra mile for a game system.
The lamecube is inferior to the PS2 and Xbox in: grahpics, controller sceme, lacks a DVD player, not backwards compatable, has no online. Most game developers have realized Nintendo's patters and are switching over to superior consoles, and thus giving the Lamecube a lack of many respectful games. If anybody takes an unbiased look at the three 2nd generation consoles, then the 3rd gen and so on, Nintendo is always far behind, but sells their products very cheaply, so unfortunately there will be no end to the poor hardware industry.
The lamecube got it's ass whooped in the 2nd generation show-down.
by Slatte December 13, 2006
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What an asshole would use as a nickname for the GameCube. Everyone knows that the GameCube is superior to the PS2 in every way, apart from the amount of crap useless games and overall shitness, but out-done by the Xbox by it's graphical prowess and library of classic games.
Me: Man, that's my second PS2 that broken now, piece of shit Sony cunts... Fuck it, I'll play Tales of Symphonia on my Cube or Shenmue II on my Xbox.


Me: I've got that on Xbox you n00b.
by Sony January 31, 2006
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1.adj.something that is considered to be unappealing. be it an object, or action. a variation of the term "weak sauce"

comes from most people's poor opinion of nintendo's fantastic 128-bit system the game cube, and the fact that it rhymes with lame doesn't help matters.
1."dude, that shirt you're wearing is sooo lame cube"

2. guy1: yeah that chick sadie gave me the clap.
guy2: woah, lame cube
by tofubot November 05, 2004
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I don't know who wrote the first definition but the game cube does have internet on it. Very few games use it though.
Best game on the game cube (lamecube) and one that does have internet Phantasy Star Online
by Hawkchop October 24, 2011
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