to carry, move, or convey from one place to another.
I will transport this box by boat.
by Kafulla February 26, 2012
Usually a college term, when you are so far gone and completely blackout that campus police call an ambulance for you.
Jimmy had 20 shots of tequila and his ass got transported last night
by Kuceinator February 1, 2021
transfering portions of food to someone else's plate
Look at how much food Connie has on her plate now all thanks to transportion!
by somerandompeople June 20, 2006
Cuban slang for a cheap car.
Get a Ferrari?! I can barely afford this transportation!
by cocomonkilla March 11, 2009
A guy who accompanies girls to every location they need to go - i.e. malls, bathrooms, kithchens, to their boyfriends etc- except to himself. They are docters in the art of being friend-zoned and have mastered the doctrine of high hopes in escaping it.
Guy1: That dude over there probably has all the girls druling at his feet
Guy2: Worry not my good man, he's only a transporter.
by TaffelDoek October 6, 2016
One who transports as a profession.
Welcome aboard, I will be your transportator today. Please no screaming, though fainting is alright.
by Luna Kora April 17, 2021
Dropping a tranny off at a seaport.
I engaged in transportation yesterday. The transsexual I ported yesterday was sweet and lovely.