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A substance that reduces or corrects acidity, esp. in the stomach
My wife had a real bad stomachache and the doctor gave her some antacid pills.
by Silent Lake September 30, 2007
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A misspelling of Leprechaun, a creature in Irish mythology
When I was a kid I had a book with lepricon pictures in it.
by Silent Lake May 01, 2009
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1. That which is considered and established as a principle; hence, sometimes, a rule. not theories, but theorems, the intelligible products of contemplation, intellectual objects in the mind, and of and for the mind exclusively.
2. (math.) a statement of a principle to be demonstrated.
note: a theorem is something to be proved, and is thus distinguished from a problem, which is something to be solved. In analysis, the term is sometimes applied to a rule, especially a rule or statement of relations expressed in a formula or by symbols
1- By the theorems, which your polite and terser gallants practice, I re-refine the court, and civilize their barbarous natures.

2- the binomial theorem; Taylor's theorem.
by Silent Lake October 18, 2007
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Refusing to communicate to one another because of something bad that has happened between two people, e.g. after a fight or something that has hurt or offended the two.
Reps. Cummings and Issa remain incommunicado after clash in Congress
by Silent Lake March 06, 2014
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Combination of loud mouth and bad breath. A person with loud breath is one who stands right in front of you in crowded/cramped public places (e.g. in an elevator or subway) and keeps blowing out his warm CO2-filled exhalation into your face and up your nostrils.These people often breathe weirdly deeeep, like a dragon.
1- Up, down, left or right, no matter what direction I turned my head, the loud-breath kept blowing his disgusting breath into my face.
2- Couples are usual victims of loud breathing especially when they sleep together very intimately.
by Silent Lake May 20, 2014
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Having 'After-Lunch Sex' or ALS means sex with full stomach which is very unhealthy, first because of the intense ‘physical activity’, and then for gulping energy drinks and powerbars to make up for bodily ‘resource loss’ afterwards.
Is in contrast with other healthy types of sex i.e. BLS (Before-Lunch Sex), LNS (Late Night Sex) and EBS (Early-Bird Sex).
Jude: A friend of mine has challenged me to ALS on Facebook. That’s not proper. I’m married now!
Larry: He doesn’t mean after-sex lunch, you idiot!

Had an extra large pizza the other day followed by ALS with the hot girl from work. Threw up before I could finish my Snickers!
by Silent Lake August 28, 2014
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