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Since a bogey is a single cigarette a double bogey usually means chain smoking or smoking 2 cigarettes in a short amount of time but it can also be used to describe a 100's version of a cigarette, a blunt/joint or a cigar. Double bogey is almost never used to reference pipe-based smoking things like bongs or hookah.
That last customer really seemed like she had PMS. I could really use a double bogey right now.
by Sid Barrett July 07, 2010

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Kings from Hell is a variation on the popular drinking game Kings. The only difference is that you play with a small, vacation/travel sized pack of cards, that way it's really hard to keep the cards connected. Some versions of Kings from Hell mandate that not only if you break the whole circle you have to drink but also if you break a chain of 4 or more cards you have to drink (this number can vary or just not be used).
We played Kings from Hell last night when we were pregaming and by the time we got to the party it was as if we'd already been partying and were postgaming!
by Sid Barrett January 20, 2011

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(adj.) To be boring, dull, lacking interest or turning out to be nothing when there was great hype about it. Refers to the ending of the last ever episode of the Sopranos.
That concert was such A Sopranos , there was so much hype about it but it turned out to be a complete dud.
by Sid Barrett August 09, 2007

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To be kicked out of your dorm room for the night because your roommate is going at it with one of their textbooks.
Dude, I got textiled last night for his econ exam, he figured I'd be better off sleeping on the couch than having to deal with him reciting off all this crazy nonsense
by Sid Barrett April 25, 2011

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1. An American football team from Foxboro, MA. They have been called a "football dynasty"... up until Super Bowl XLII.

2. Any group that is dysfunctional or a waste of time; a group that wastes valuble resources.
The Patriots ended their 2007-2008 season with 18 wins and 1 "giant" loss.

Husband: Honey, did the newspaper arrive yet?
Wife: No, it hasn't.
Husband: Stupid Canadians- I mean, Patriots!
by Sid Barrett February 06, 2008

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How you say "Yo' momma" in Spanish.
Tu madre es así que el viejo dios pidió que ella nombrara Adán y víspera
by Sid Barrett August 21, 2007

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Rape bait is any kind of super sparkily or glittery dress or blouse worn by girls with either a very short dress or skirt of any kind. The shiny aspect is like a shiny fish lure and instead of worm or squid for bait the girl wearing the outfit is the bait. Wearing heals (especially anything over 3.5") or hoop earnings makes the girl more susceptible just like adding bright colors and feathers to a fish lure make the bait more enticing.
Look at that rape bait across the street. I'm surpising she's made it this far coming all the way from that BU party.
by Sid Barrett September 19, 2010

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