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Musical TeleVision Boycott.

The MTVB is an organization of underground musicians, songwriters, psychologists and activists who are persuing an active boycott of MTV, its parent company of Viacom and all advertisers who advertise on any of MTV's web sites or channels. Every action of theirs is underground and very little is leaked to the public. For this reason they don't have a website, MySpace or any other way to mass communicate and almost all MTVB actions and orders are spread by word of mouth. MTVB is closely related to the PMRM, the Popular Media Reformation Movement. The organization has prohibited almost all electronic use of communication in regards to organization matters including IM and email for fear of their actions being discovered by someone outside of the organization who could collapse the movement.

MTVB's membership numbers are estimated at approximately 600,000 but they're mainly concertrated in NYC, New York state and Connecticut along with the upper portions of New Jersey although there are likely members from all 50 states and the eastern provinces of Canada.
MTVB is like PETA gone totally underground; I have no idea what the top dogs in there are doing and almost no one knows who they are.
by Sid Barrett June 25, 2007
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