An app and social media website for people to talk about their neighborhoods. It's mostly filled with boomers complaining about shit that doesn't matter and that one really passionate guy that cares about everything. Its most useful feature is a marketplace type section to list things you are selling.
Gotta get my mom off nextdoor, I don't think it's healthy for her.
by LizardBoi October 21, 2021
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A behavioral disorder in which one determines anybody and everything is suspicious and troublesome. Usually accompanied by an increasing hate for the homeless community, city council members, and airplanes flying at night. Syndrome generally occurs after joining, a social media website.
Nextdoor member #1
"We used to get these people coming up to us in parking lots where we were shopping. Scams all of them!"

Nextdoor member #2
"Lol , listen to have a bad case of Nextdoor Syndrome!"
by JChar!es March 25, 2020
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A condition that makes one believe everything is a scam, sham, scandalous, illegitimate, corrupt, etc. The condition usually happens after joining Nextdoor, a social-media site.
Actual comment member suffering from Nextdoor Fever....."And they are at it again. Had a gentleman come to my door saying there was a package for someone who lived there that was on medi cal, social security. I told him no, I know this is a scam."
by JChar!es June 28, 2022
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your neighbor's all-caps alert on NextDoor app
when Carol's phone buzzed with an urgent alert she eye-rolled cuz it was another hysterical post from Carl. "there's our Nervous NextDoor Nancy hearing gunfire again" she welped.
by Uncle Joosie January 21, 2020
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