slang for Speed Freak, which is where the band Motorhead got there name, since Lemmy was a speed freak.

Kinda like when you call someone who does crack a crack head or a person who smokes pot a pot head.
Lemmy was a Motorhead
by sarah October 7, 2004
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1. In the United Kingdom, it's slang word for "speed freak".

2. In the United States, it's a slang word used to describe someone who likes to tinker on automobile engines, a car engine enthusiast.

3. The first speed metal/thrash band, formed in England in 1975. They were the first band to combine heavy metal with the attitude and speedy velocity of punk rock. They sound a lot like Chuck Berry at warp speed.
1. Larry from Glouchester pops speed tablets 3 times a day. He is what the Brits call a "motorhead".

2. I read an article in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper one time that detailed people in Japan who like to fix up and tinker on the engines of American model cars. They were referred to as Japanese motorheads.

3. Motorhead puts on a very entertaining show, but because I saw them in a club they gave the LOUDEST show I've ever been to. After the show I got a bass pick used by Lemmy Kilmeister. You had to shout and scream in order to have a conversation as we all left the club. I had a ringing in ears that lasted for 3 days. Still, the gig was excellent. When it comes to speed metal, these guys did it first. They should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 7, 2007
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Person addicted to amphetamine sulphates (and a damn fine band!)
He's a motorhead
by Billie Joe Armstrong August 11, 2003
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One of best metal bands in the world. They also provide WWE's Triple H with the song "King of Kings" and "The Game". They also performed for Triple H's entrances at WrestleMania X-7 and WrestleMania 21.
Triple H had Motorhead play "The Game" for him at WrestleMania X-7!
by Nathan O. September 9, 2007
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A motor vehicle or motorcycle enthusiast. An enthusiast for working on motor vehicles.
If you're buying for a real motorhead, buy something hard-core like an old muscle car.
by Foof January 2, 2005
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Where a girl who is driving the car performs oral sex to a male in the passenger seat, and the male must tell the girl to turn brake and accelerate.
Man, Erin was giving me motorhead and she trucked a group of school children.
by black phoenix March 21, 2008
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