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When someone types in all capital letters.
"Wow, that new kid on the site has a nasty case of CAPS LOCK STICKUS."
by Sid Barrett June 24, 2007

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A complete beginner at guitar. "Smoke on the Water" (SOTW) by Deep Purple is one of the easiest guitar songs to learn and is typically a guitar player's first song. A SOTWer is therefore a person who claims that they can play guitar yet "Smoke on the Water" is the only song that they know how to play.
-"Wow, that kid is such a SOTWer, he's been playing the same thing over and over."
-"Yeah, why'd he try out for the guitar spot then?"
-"Beats me, he's gonna need a few lessons to really learn something good."
by Sid Barrett June 22, 2007

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Windows is a complicated armed forces code which really means "Dead on Site". "Dead on Site"'s acrynym is DOS and since DOS is linked to Windows they recoded it to Windows.
-"Base to CRO ((Cheif Radio Operator)), what's the TC ((tent city, code for prison camp)) look like?
-"CRO to base, we have 10 POWs who've gone through the Windows, 5 with a pal ((code for mal pal which is code for malaria)) and five friends of Jack ((Hungry Jack meals are prized possessions so friends of Jack would be people starving)).
by Sid Barrett August 07, 2008

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Bashing and trash-talk that will eventually get you fired, kicked out or somehow evicted which was initiated by the person who ends up packing up. Refers to Manny Ramirez and his eviction from the Boston Red Sox to the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Harvard student: This school doesn't deserve a student like me! I love Boston and I love the people but Harvard doesn't deserve me!

Admissions Director: Well then either quit your Mannyisms or get into this cardboard box and we'll ship you off to Brown then.
by Sid Barrett August 01, 2008

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This is a term derived from the Skittles catchline "Taste the rainbow". To shoot the rainbow you must have Skittles-infused vodka and you must take consecutive shots of each of the 5 flavors (normally Skittles vodka requires separation of the different colors, otherwise you just get disgustingly sweet vodka). Some people use various color orders when shooting the rainbow but the most common order goes red (strawberry), orange (WTF do you think the flavor is if the thing's color is "orange"?), yellow (lemon), green (lime) and lastly purple (grape). Sometimes red and yellow are switched so that the order goes by color depth or some people just by their own taste.
The bartender last night said that they had made a lot of Skittles-infused vodka and recommended that we shoot the rainbow. He might as well have been selling crack since we all got 2 rounds of 5 shots and wanted more!
by Sid Barrett January 21, 2011

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"Rocky V" is the nickname for the popular Super Bowl XLII commcercial for Budweiser. Seeing how there has not yet been a seventh installment of the series the ad has inherited the spot (not to say that a future Rocky film won't be named the same).

The summary of the commercial is that a Clydesdale (the specific type of horses that Budweiser uses in ads recently who represents Rocky since Rocky is nicknamed the Italian Stallion) isn't selected to pull the iconic Budweiser wagon. Naturally, the horse is dissapointed yet is uplifted by the influence of a dalmation who represents Apollo Creed. The dalmation trains the horse (a la Rocky IV where the horse runs through the snow like Rocky in Siberia) and the horse makes the crew at the next tryouts for a spot on the wagon's team. The commercial ends with a sarcastic pound of the horse's hoof to the dalmation's paw.
Person 1: What was your favorite commercial this year?
Person 2: I liked Audi with "The Godfather Part IV".
Person 1: I'd go with Budweiser and Rocky VII.
by Sid Barrett February 04, 2008

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The past-tense form of saying that there was an "extramarital affair". Likewise, when someone learns that another person Billed the Intern they can say that they "Found the Little Blue Dress".
I felt sorry for the watercooler, it had to listen to rumors about how Jack Billed the Intern on Saturday.
by Sid Barrett January 15, 2008

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