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Reference to the movie "Battle Royale".
I'm the guy who signed up for fun!
by Shred February 13, 2004

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Related to others by who you have slept with. If two guys have dated the same girl, chances are they are related by laylines.

Commonly used in the phrases "related by laylines" or "layline related"
I think that everybody in this world is layline related to Kevin Bacon!
by Shred October 10, 2004

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Round, circular object attached to a woman's chest. Typically there are two attached, side by side. Babies like to feed from these. They are also quite handy for foreplay. The word is typically used in context to describe a quality set of components. Oh, also some guys like to Tune In Tokyo with these.
Wow, that lass is sporting a nice milkshop
by Shred October 07, 2004

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This phrase refers to the act of dating a female Doctor, with the intent to get her in the sack. It is usually used in context with one who typically likes to add it to their "achievements" list
So last night, did you cock the doc?
by Shred October 07, 2004

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an uncircumsized penis ewww
my friend whose name i wont mention has a ucp and likes to show it off and he has a dog named sparky
by shred December 03, 2004

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If a certain lady has a big rack, she needs a shelf to keep them up.
"Did you see that shelf?"
by Shred October 07, 2004

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