A commonly cold dessert preferred to be eaten on Tuesdays. These desserts consist of ice cream and occasionaly the following: bananas, sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate syrup, caramel topping, cherries, or garlic powder. Often associated with people that look like John Goodman. Even more commonly enjoyed when depressed.
Uhhhh, I want my sundae!
by Brian Mossing June 2, 2006
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Ejaculating on a pregnant woman's stomach in a spiral like design. Giving her belly a "sundae" like effect.
I gave that fat pregnant chick a sundae.
by jeff jeff March 10, 2008
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1. An amazing, kind, loving, loyal, and overall fabulous person. Has many friends and is loved by everyone.

2. Downright awesome.

3. Someone who is very intelligent or smart.

4. All of the above
Stranger 1: Were you just talking to Sundas?
Stranger 2: Yeah! She's awesome!
Stranger 1: I'm jealous man!

Stranger 1: Hey, what's the square root of 69?
Stranger 2: 8.306623862918075
Stranger 1: Woah! You're so Sundas!
by YouWillNeverKnow>:) August 20, 2011
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When Adams and HAWA ware in heaven, they use to wear cloths called Sundas.
by HAMMAD September 12, 2006
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When you fill your asshole with Whip Cream, Chopped Up Banana, and place a Cherry on top. Then have a girl eat our your asshole, and lick or suck all the Whip Cream out of your asshole.
Krazer, I know you want your girl to eat your Sundae!
by hamsteRandom July 4, 2010
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The South Asian definition of feces and anal wastage, aka POOP
"I took a giant sundas in George Bush's mouth"
by Lund Patel March 1, 2009
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This is the act and enjoyment of applying whipped cream in and around a woman's vagina who is on her period. Then proceeding to eat her out. A dessert and delight for the sickest of fucks.
Guy 1: "Dude, it sucks, my girlfriend got her period."

Guy 2: "No that's awesome. Now you can have a Sundae Bloody Sundae."

by Mr. Jeff G October 12, 2007
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