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A commonly cold dessert preferred to be eaten on Tuesdays. These desserts consist of ice cream and occasionaly the following: bananas, sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate syrup, caramel topping, cherries, or garlic powder. Often associated with people that look like John Goodman. Even more commonly enjoyed when depressed.
Uhhhh, I want my sundae!
by Brian Mossing June 02, 2006
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When you fill your asshole with Whip Cream, Chopped Up Banana, and place a Cherry on top. Then have a girl eat our your asshole, and lick or suck all the Whip Cream out of your asshole.
Krazer, I know you want your girl to eat your Sundae!
by hamsteRandom July 04, 2010
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Ejaculating in a girls face very enthusiastically, and accidentally hitting her in the nose, causing it to bleed.
Billy was unloading all over Ashleys face and clipped her in the nose by mistake, giving her a sundae.
by Larry Lavender Esq May 29, 2006
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Ejaculating on a pregnant woman's stomach in a spiral like design. Giving her belly a "sundae" like effect.
I gave that fat pregnant chick a sundae.
by jeff jeff March 10, 2008
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