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Pure awesomeness. A person who is just the best type of person around--noble, worthy, respectful, and..... awesomeness.
That guy is such an Hussain!
by YouIsNoob June 21, 2010
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The person who plays video games until 3am in the morning. Wakes up in the evening, roasts any one that roasts him, has no soul, very kind and mean at the

same time, he's a smartass and will outsmart you good, he's one of a kind and that's you if your Hussain
Hey there Hussain
by 2+2=4 -1=3 quick mafs July 13, 2018
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Hussain is a sexy lad, he can get ur girl in 3,2,1 he’s already f**ked her. If u ever disrespect a Hussain u needa apologise before he ruins ur life, Hussain is a lad who’s attracted by all women he can do the impossible and is a super caring guy, he’ll help u out with ur problems no matter how big or small. Respect a Hussain if u have him as a friend be lucky. he’s a very unique lad
Person#1: Hussain helped me out with my problem
Person#2:he’s such a nice guy
by Thekingwhogetsallthegirls June 01, 2018
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A really smart dude with a quick temper, wise, he's the type of person to call if you want help beating someone up.
Kind to his friends and very loyal, but may appear mean and rude to others, a funny good looking dude that is extremely stubborn.
Dude: "Damn! That guy's friend knocked Adam's ass! You know him?
Other Dude: "Yeah, that's probably Hussain!"
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by BiGdAdDyYeEt February 12, 2019
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Hussain is the type of guy who pretends not to have feelings for anyone cuz he's lowkey in love with his best friends gf. He never gets annoyed or angry but instead replaces those feelings with roasting his loved ones. He can honestly be super sweet when he wants to be but it usually makes others uncomfortable. You may not realize it, but ur lucky to have a Hussain in your life, and you'll only realize it when u need him.
Mohammed: Yo hussains been bothering me lately

Maryam: ik hell come off like that, dw
by kween101 October 22, 2018
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noun (Huss-ayn)

(1) a man of noble rank or possibly your biological father.

(2) (Hussain) a title given formally to the man who sleeps with your mother.
(3) (the Hussain) the asian sensation.

(4) a master or ruler or both or all of the above or Masturbator.

(5) (Hussain) a name for God or Christ.
'That guy stole your bitch, what an Hussain!'
by invAsianOfPrivacy February 10, 2010
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