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Screwing, fucking, having sex
Stop boinking my boyfriend
by Secret October 05, 2004

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Type of tights wore by whores and punky girls. Look like fish nets sewn into stockings
Rocky Horror Picture Show= Ahh Tim Curry in fishnets
by Secret January 03, 2005

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the solution to being "too uptight"
Your too uptight...go get laid.
by secret March 01, 2005

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When someone you work with is secretly watching porn on his computer and spanking his monkey under the desk without getting caught.
Hey Sgt Jones the CG didn't even see you looking at that dude on dude gay animal porn at work yesterday. You smooth criminal!!!!!!!
by secret December 01, 2003

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An awsomely large mall in Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Sally: Hey man lets go to Square One and buy stuff!!
Anna: Yes lets
by Secret July 30, 2005

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To spew all over the place in a wild manner.
Hey look at that person..... they are doing a burger!
by Secret October 09, 2003

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Research in Science and Engineering program run by the German government for British and American students. People who go on RISE are called RISER's and form good friends. If a story or information is only told about to this group of friends, it has been RISE'd.
Tom: Let's have a RISE reunion. But I probably won't come co I have to work.
Ben: OK, I love all RISER's. Especially hairy ones.
Saleem: I RISE'd that story about my baby niece.
Paul: I'm ready to RISE again
by SeCRET December 02, 2012

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