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Research in Science and Engineering program run by the German government for British and American students. People who go on RISE are called RISER's and form good friends. If a story or information is only told about to this group of friends, it has been RISE'd.
Tom: Let's have a RISE reunion. But I probably won't come co I have to work.
Ben: OK, I love all RISER's. Especially hairy ones.
Saleem: I RISE'd that story about my baby niece.
Paul: I'm ready to RISE again
by Secret December 02, 2012
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nono is a fourm that you can chat with others, it also is a place for people to disscus game and animation
I go to nono board and find some white yesterday
by Secret February 26, 2005
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the solution to being "too uptight"
Your too uptight...go get laid.
by Secret March 01, 2005
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Somebody who luvs us all a whole lot
Christians/Jews hav God
Buddists hav Budda
Muslums hav Allah
by Secret September 01, 2004
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