(noun) a striped, hyenalike mammal of northern Africa that feeds mainly on insects
The aardwolf was looking in a log for termites to snack upon.
by +Henry+ May 19, 2015
The Aardwolf is a mammal native to Africa that is a part of the hyena family.
Conservation status: Least concern
Genus: Proteles
Me and my brother spotted an Aardwolf while on a safari in Africa
by Chess_player December 29, 2021
n. A hyena-like mammal of South Africa, which feeds upon carrion and insects.
The Aardwolf ate the Insect.
by Jeffrey Burns September 2, 2008
Only the coolest and creepiest animal to ever live. They are only cute as babies because they look like they will eat hopes and dreams when they reach adulthood.

Also a person who was cute when you knew them as a young person and in meeting them later you find that they are scary and might start to stalk you for their next meal.
-Look at that aardwolf baby!

-Watch out, its mother ate my dreamcatcher.

-Look at that girl, she looks crazy and vicious.

-Oh, dude, She was cute in grade school.
by Is that it. May 13, 2010