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Type of tights wore by whores and punky girls. Look like fish nets sewn into stockings
by Secret January 03, 2005
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Guy 1: Yo i gotta go to the store to buy some fishnets.
Guy 2: Why would you get fishnets.
Guy 1: Oh, comeon, you know, condoms...
by baked_goods_ May 13, 2009
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Fish net (n.)
When anal hairs cross from one cheek to the other to form a net structure that slices faesces into thin slithers of smaller proportions.
His fishnet splits his shit into bite-size chunks!
by Abesbox August 24, 2004
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Yesterday sum bisnatch wuz walking down the road and unda her short skirt popped out her rank, nasty fishnet! EEEWWWW!!
by J fizzle beefstickizzle December 09, 2005
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Someone who's pussy is so stank that it smells like the sea, enough to draw fishes into their shit like it's a catching net.
Laquanda:Sis I know you herd what happend to Rose.
Bonquiqui: No bitch fill a sis in
Laquanda: You remember Tyrone.
Bonquiqui: You mean the sexy dominacan looking rico suave sex god who dubbed my shits and said my weave stiff.
Laquanda : Relax, the truth hurts. Anyways he started going out with Rose , thinking he in love with her and shit then one day he went down on her and regretted his whole existence. Nigga wanted to control-alt-delete his life because of the stench coming from her pussy.
Bonquiqui: I bet it smelt like tuna , sardines and everything wrong . I always knew she was busted but she got a fish net too, wow. You learn something new everyday.
by Emma&kar August 12, 2018
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