Type of tights wore by whores and punky girls. Look like fish nets sewn into stockings
by Secret January 4, 2005
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Guy 1: Yo i gotta go to the store to buy some fishnets.
Guy 2: Why would you get fishnets.
Guy 1: Oh, comeon, you know, condoms...
by baked_goods_ May 14, 2009
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Hairy balls. Or as known in the classroom, wooly testicles.
Hey man, Aidan has a fishnet I saw it!
by JamsheedsBurner April 25, 2023
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Yesterday sum bisnatch wuz walking down the road and unda her short skirt popped out her rank, nasty fishnet! EEEWWWW!!
by J fizzle beefstickizzle December 9, 2005
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the unique mark left on the skin as a result of a high impact fall while wearing fishnet stockings. a common injury to a rollergirl, often as a result of a cement kiss.
Guy: What is that brutal mark on your ass from? It looks like it has hash marks in it!?
Ava: It's fishnet burn from where I fell playing roller derby while wearing a skirt, and it hurts like hell!
by etselec March 17, 2008
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The event in which fishnet stockings have a stich or two broken in when the fatty tissue is pushing thru therefore causing a blowout of flesh.
That overwieght burlesque dancing was dancing so hard she caused a fishnet blowout!
by Mr. Lemons May 26, 2010
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A girl who is addicted to a guy and will do anything to be with him forever. Even if the guy doesnt like her, she will stay by his side forever.
#1: Jocelyne you fackin fishnet hooker get away from Perry.
#1: ur crazy beeyatch
by P GIMME March 17, 2005
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