run down, tired, worn out, dragging, on the verge of getting sick with the flu or cold

old San Francisco slang

when you're feeling punky, you aren't feeling up to par - you're run down feeling. Sometimes abbreviated as punk - i.e. feeling punk
"How you doing dude?"
"aw, I'm feeling punky today"

"I must be getting sick. I feel real punky"
by Sparky99 October 21, 2007
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affection directed towards a punk
"hey, punky!"
by ravenMcCoy April 7, 2003
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to be punk like or have punk style
man like like your jeans there, totally punky
by tearfulme666 July 21, 2009
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heeeey...look at punky...she hot!!
by rainbowbritelez March 26, 2004
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Punky is beautiful. punky is smart. punky is artistic. punky is kind. punky is adoring. punky is loyal.
punky is the most amazing person you will ever meet, yes she has some things going on with herself but that doesnt stop her from making everyone else smile. shes hype and fucking CRAZYYY!! she has dark green eyes with long thick eyelashes. she has short curlyish hair and bangs. when she drinks shes a vibe asfuck! when shes high oh mygosh shes fkn out thereeee !! laughing and dancing around. she is very protective of her bestfriend. she will let nobody brake her emotionally spiritually mentally and defiantly not PHYSICALLY. shes a lil angus bitch sometimes her anger can go from 0 to for life in prision HAHAHAHAHA. she will always have your back and fight by your side thru thick and thin
Girl 1: Whose that chick?
Girl 2: Um i fink thats punky, she got expelled from school lastweek
Girl 1: what for..?
Girl 2: ehhh typical.. fighting hahaha
by 213.978 September 12, 2021
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A term to describe someone who looks and dresses like a woman but talks in a deep voice.
They are a punky
He is a punky.
Is that a punky?
by Gary Newman August 15, 2004
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