Probably the biggest bandwagon team in the entire NBA. About half the fans were Bulls fans in the 90's, Lakers fans in the Early 00's, and Nets and Spurs fans. Another half is unloyal Knick fans who got sick of the Knicks losing so they went for the next local team that was actually winning. Then there is the small percentage that stayed loyal to them.
The New Jersey Nets are the New England Patriots of the NBA....minus the world championships.
by Tril Nole May 13, 2006
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Cricket practice equipment consisting of a single wicket surrounded by nets which prevent the ball being hit a long way. Used for practising bowling and batting without fielders.
"Training today will be nets at 10 until lunch, then a pick-up game in the afternoon."
by Kilkrazy July 1, 2004
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The Greatest Team of All-Time, in any kind of sport.
"Person A: Holy crap! Did you see Brian Scalabrine dunk over Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons, who sucks ass?
Person B: Well no shit, he's on the Nets!
by Jason Kidd July 5, 2004
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Now overused term for 'so the bottom line is...'

Comes from an investor/accounting concept when valuing a company; based on the sum of sales/what you own (net assets) vs sum of debts (net liabilities). Weighing up net assets vs net liabilities (net-net) then says whether you have an overall positive or negative business. The term is very reductive - you don't need to explain what individual parts make up the positives or negatives, or how big they are... just that the final result is a win/loss or a yes/no.

Somehow the term has gradually crept from accounting into general business jargon (net-net this deal is good) and eventually just to give an opinion where you don't feel like providing any of the detail of how that view was formed or allow for argument from another person (I've done all the weighing up and we are going this way).
I don't care if you think there are downsides. Net-net, we'll be ahead if we buy the new TV.
by Sargasso_Fade March 26, 2020
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A term used by office douchebags that mean to say net but feel that repeating the word makes them sound more important important.

The "net net" is we are wasting time here because you like to listen to yourself pontificate and repeat words at meetings.
by joe5628 May 9, 2008
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you don't need to explain to me all the details of your deal; what is the net-net?
by saragrace August 4, 2009
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A word that really doesnt mean anything. People tend to use this term when they are at a loss of words and are not bright enough to use proper english. They are generally round in body shape and speak somewhat gay. I do not recommend using this term in the workplace!!
If you decide you want to contribute 10 dollars a day for a week, the net-net is going to be 70 dollars.
by Edward06 October 12, 2006
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