16 definitions by Scratch DJ

The only word in the song "Rock N' Roll #5" that is often played at sports arenas.
Anouncer: "He shoots, he scores"

(music starts)
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
Old dude that dances in six flags commercials. This dancin dude cracks me up all the time.

dance, dude, dance!
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
To clean out the vagina.
Sometimes the puss just needs a little Spring cleaning!
by Scratch DJ January 27, 2005
1.writing utensil
2.chicken or animal enclosure
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
What happens if you don't use a condom/rain coat or it breaks.
Ya wanna know what I say to people who get pregnant and don't want to?
"Ya should have had anal sex...or atleast have used a condom!"
by Scratch DJ June 16, 2004
1. A kind of fruit.

2. Chinese word for penis.
Dude, you got a small papaya.
by Scratch DJ February 5, 2005