home of the pittsburgh pens.

aka mellon arena
aka civic arena
I saw Malkin outside the igloo the other day.

Where are the pens playing saturday? the igloo
by pittsburgher87 July 17, 2009
An attractive man (or woman) who unconsciously squanders chance after chance for an amorous relationship by hanging with cold-hearted bitches who thrive on the misery of others.
(From a lusting woman's perspective) \'He's fine. I might make a play for him myself.' \\“No you won't, he's iglooed himself."
by Cardi X December 15, 2019
A slang term for a girl that two or more friends are Eskimo brothers with.
"Did you ever end up banging Molly"
"Yea dude, she's an Igloo"
by maxmed623 February 24, 2017
noun - slang for one's home, or crib.
Baller: Whassup baby you wanna come over to my igloo?
Female: Huh?
by Fact February 13, 2004
Another word for “cunt”, typically used by people who don’t want to sound rude.
Why did you sleep with my girlfriend?
You’re such an igloo!!
by A.Mr December 30, 2022
when all roomates in a household have had sex with the same girl. All roomates are eskimo brothers.
there 4 eskimo bros living in that house, thats an igloo
by btine October 8, 2010