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Not a movie,let me reiterate, the movie drumline does not give a correct or accurate representation of drumline.
Drumlines are the backbone of a marching band and work the hardest making every not perfect. They do not dance around like gay homo's in the movie. People in drum corps drumline's are the best.
"Our drumline kicks ass"
"Lets go watch the cadets drumline in the parking lot"
by Scot December 10, 2004

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1) Any instrument that is played by striking or hitting.
2) A section in a band or orchestra, in which the players strike the instrument to play it.
3) Not a drummer.
1) What instrument do you play? I play percussion.
2) Everyone listen back to the percussion for tempo, because its right on.
by Scot December 10, 2004

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They're kind of like Coheed and Cambria, but heavier and edgier. Anthony's voice can go from growling screams to high notes in a flash. Drums sound like machine guns and the guitar work is sick.
Saosin broke the stage when I saw them.
by Scot November 21, 2003

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1) Someone who plays percussion instruments (i.e. Keyboards, snare, bass, tenors, timpani). Not someone who plays drumset (that is a drummer). A percussionist is well versed in all percussion instruments.
I'm a percussionist so I don't just play wannbe drumset for some rock band.
by Scot December 10, 2004

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1.) A sport in which a large group of people,often 135 people, aged 15-21 play brass and percussion instruments while marching a strenous drill. There are also non-instrumental performers known as colorguard, which produces effect for the show using various devices, often flags, rifles, sabers, etc.
I'm going to a drum corps show this friday.
by Scot December 10, 2004

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Perhaps the most famous Forgotten Realms character, created by Author R. A. Salvatore, Drizzt is a Drow or Dark Elf. He resides in the world of Toril, the setting of Forgotten Realms books (A spin off of the popular RPG Dungeons and Dragons) While Salvatore has recieved much criticism from core D&D fans for taking too many liberties on the "rules" of this fantasy world, it should be noted that his books sell much better than any other authors in the series, and that Drizzt is on of the few D&D characters known widely outside the fantasy gaming world. He is the exception to his evil race, and left his underground homeland to come to the surface, where he learned the ways of a ranger, and learned to worship the god Mielikki. His companions include a magical cat named Guenwhyvar, a Dwarf named Bruenor Battlehamer, a Human named Cattie-brie, a Halfling named Regis, and a Barbarian named Wulfgar. His weapons of choice are two scimitars, though he is quite adept at the bow as well.
Drizzt Do'urden is going on yet another exciting adventure in "The Two Swords."
by Scot January 02, 2005

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Scot jack of all trades, master of all.
The perfect man.
by Scot July 11, 2003

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