9 definitions by Schwilly

In a state of sadness over somethin you can't get over.
Dude, I'm really bummin cause my car just got totaled cause I was stoned.
by Schwilly February 14, 2005
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to be screwed out of money or merchandise, most commonly used when referring to internet transactions

hosed, shafted, jacked, frauded
John lenzed Sally. Sally was lenzed by John. John won't stop lenzing Sally.
by Schwilly March 01, 2004
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bling bling
cash money
legal tender
...so I went in there and the sister's cunt didn't have the scratch, so I put a bullet through his kneecap. Then I cock smaked his philapino whore when she tried to suck me off to pay his points.
by Schwilly April 15, 2004
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