to be screwed out of money or merchandise, most commonly used when referring to internet transactions

hosed, shafted, jacked, frauded
John lenzed Sally. Sally was lenzed by John. John won't stop lenzing Sally.
by Schwilly March 01, 2004
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to humiliate someone in front of their peers
Brian just lenzed Reggie. It was hilarious.
by Mr MnM June 08, 2011
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1. (verb) to make fun of someone
2. (verb) to kick someone from an IRC channel (namely Kenny7822)
3. (noun) a slang term for the name Kenneth Hoey.
1. You totally lenzed me. Now I feel like an ass.
2. /ctcp holla lenz_him
3. Kenny7822: My name is not LENZ!
by summers July 17, 2004
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from the German word "Lenze" meaning to kick ass and chew bubble gum, while simultaneously receiving reach arounds from spider girls and making sweet love to nubile concubines. A Lenze can also be used to resurface corneas, and as food for plants. It is widely known that Lenze was also an ancient, forgotten Sumerian god of fertility, known for increasing the virility of women only for the purpose of impregnating them to spread his god-spawn.
I prayed at a Lenze statue today, and I'm already three months pregnant!
by Jiminy Gordon March 30, 2011
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A stupid blond headed prick that only hangs out with the same people ( that have blond hair ).
He is desperate for attention and social media likes and tags. He is very short ( 100cm ) and does not grow. His brain is smaller that his dick.
A shit, Lenz is in our school.
by IAmALittleBoyWithInternet December 29, 2019
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Lenz's law is a law in physics defining the direction of induced EMF.
Lonberg: Then we have Lenz's Law. You see, Lenz is like Robin to Faraday's Batman
by Maeamian May 04, 2009
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