v. To tweak the spelling or appearanece of something and change it to something else. Comes from changing the 1984 to 1981 on your drivers' licence so you can drink underage, like in the Mike Hines episode of 2000.
-'I can't get into the bar, I am too young.'
-'Give me your ID so I can give the motherfucker the scratch.'

The speed limit was too low so we gave the sign the scratch.
by saltcock October 20, 2004
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an irritated throat from partaking in too many combustibles.
damn man i have the scratch....do you have any beer?
by Hersh Burson October 7, 2003
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taking something said back, changing one's mind.
Gimme those Tim's ...Scratch that, I want those Phat ass Adidas instead.
by Lamb B February 22, 2003
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forget that
me "mom can you buy me some coke?"
mom "..."

me "mom, scratch that, i want skittles."
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Holmes, did you see the "Folsom Prison scratch" on that old biker? It was the shit!
by Jim Inman August 24, 2006
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In track, when a runner withdraws from a race before it begins. The term originated from the days when heat sheets were written on paper, and a runner's name would litterally be scratched off in pencil when he/she decided not to race.
I'm feeling tired today. I think I'm gonna run the mile, and scratch the 3000m.
by DukeT November 24, 2010
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