Adj: To define one as being pleasant or appealing in the realm of aesthetics. Typically used to describe someone who frequents the gym on a regular basis and takes care of their appearance. To achieve this description, one should take pictures of themselves immediately after pumping iron and proceed to post said pictures on your favorite social media website. Any use of the term other than to describe a shredded male is incorrect and should be frowned upon.
1. "You look so Fawkin Joocy Brah. No Homo"

2. "Have you seen Zyzz's serratus? My god it looks so Fawkin Joocy"
by greenek December 22, 2011
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N: fok'in' id'e'ot

1. Someone wo subscibes neither to logic, nor reason.
2. Having an IQ below 75
3. 96whitesohc on
"traffic causes accidents....not street racing!"
by Jackrabbit January 26, 2004
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Absolutely, amazingly great, the epitome of all that is awesome.
That girl Katey is fawkin' awesome, man.

"Jonathan David Prussel is fawkin' awesome in bed!" -Gerri Carlton
by Prussel June 11, 2004
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