Oral sex on a bloke. Sucking of the penis.


She sucked me off last night and swallowed my load.

He sucked me off last night and swallowed my load.
by hapticuticle March 18, 2005
to give great pleasure with the mouth and tounge in a thrusting motion
jim: "my girlfriend just broke up with me
bob: "then let me suck you off!!"
by mr.happy June 4, 2004
to give great pleasure using the mouth and tounge on a penis, or the male reproductive organ
jim: "i just broke up with my girlfriend"
bob: "then let me suck you off"
by mr.happy May 21, 2004
Generic term used to show displeasure, or dissatisfaction of something
Bob: "Larry, the cars dirty"
Larry: "Bob. just suck me off"
by Squatdog December 27, 2003
HWat the bitch does to my thropbbing cock in order to make it drop a load in her face.
Yo, Bithc," Martin exclaimed," Instead of jamming with that ho, why don't you git your sweet ass over heerre and suck me off!"
by James Bourne September 25, 2003
When a person, hopefully a girl, gives a man a blow job.
My girlfriend sucks me off after 7 hours of having sex.
by TheFuck69 March 16, 2017