51 definitions by Satan

Satans Bestfreind so don't mess with him. Also the best person in the world.
Your mom
by Satan March 18, 2004
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Taking a dump on someones hood
Jane was caught pugging on his friends car.
by SaTaN August 10, 2003
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Marlis is a Evil man/demon who only one person knows, if anyone else knows they will die. Only john knows and no-one else.
Marlis climbed out of the Hell Hole and said "John make your friends go away".
by Satan July 05, 2004
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some one whos is solely belonging to cheena . . .
Cheena on Manveer
by Satan November 22, 2003
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A fat stupid beast that was born from a lump of shit, and as a result of the earlier anal sex the cum and shit formed a "person" a very very stupid, annoying asshole that should die and rot in a festering pile shit.
God, Chelli is such a stupid bitch...
by Satan April 17, 2005
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Red Sox Nation = stupid pieces of shit. Red Sox fans and players are the greatest combination of pussies and faggots ever made by God. They are jealous the yankees because it took them with ease to win 26 world series, but took them 82 fucking years to win one. Also yankee players dont cry like Johnny Damon and the biggest faggot Curt Schilling. Red sox fans dont have real fans too, they just consist of people who are pissed off there team didnt make it to the playoffs or just hate the yankees. THis applies mostly to Mets fans who are the second biggest bitches to the Red Sox. So Red Sox get some real fucking fans. One thing the red sox should believe is the yankees are kick the red sox asses this year.
Oh are you a red sox fan?

Of course not, I am faggot Mets fan who doesnt have a team to support for in the playoffs.

Wow I am so glad we got David Wells!

Wow he has shitty era in Fenway.

Curt Schilling is our savior

He is also the biggest faggot too.

Hey i have a tiny dick

Yea you must be a Red Sox fan
by Satan January 22, 2005
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theres also brazillian and columbian necktie.

I don't think it's real. it's just a sick clever idea.

cypress hill has a track about cuban necktie.
by Satan April 30, 2003
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