50 definitions by satan

a person of Russian origin; one who drinks large amounts of vodka.
korbachov of however you spell it
by satan February 24, 2005
A fat stupid beast that was born from a lump of shit, and as a result of the earlier anal sex the cum and shit formed a "person" a very very stupid, annoying asshole that should die and rot in a festering pile shit.
God, Chelli is such a stupid bitch...
by satan April 18, 2005
A starfish who lives under a rock and is best friends with SpongeBob. He's a bit chubby and has a dick-like head...But he's cute with the dick-like head anyway...............
SpongeBob: Hey whats that dick-like thing?

Patrick: Uhhh, I think thats my head!
by satan December 28, 2005
jesus: hey that guy is really cool.
Satan: yea, he's the durham local
by satan March 1, 2005
Satans Bestfreind so don't mess with him. Also the best person in the world.
by satan March 18, 2004
Ironic, negative or surprising consequence/fact or Catch-22. Unexpected result.

Usually follows a positive statement. Used as bridging statement for dramatic effect, to a negative consequence/statement.

Probably stems from the phrase "you'll be kicking yourself for this one"
Sure, renting an apartment is cheaper and gives you a lot of flexibility to move around, but here's the kicker: with the money threw away renting places for 5-10 years you could have been well into a mortgage and have built up some personal equity, and credit.
by satan November 9, 2003
The art of drinking bruskies really fast. Done by poking a hole in the bottom of a beer then cracking open the top whilst sucking the hole.
Fuckin' Giv'r, shotgun those brews you pussy!
by satan March 2, 2005