36 definition by Sasha

This word is kind of an inside joke. It means everything. So you can say it at any time and it can mean anything you want. ^^
Example... it can be anything you want!
by Sasha February 06, 2005

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The moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it.
Ewww... Bob, there's something all over your window.

Sheessh, Spot was in here with me last night... him and his slimy pupkus..
by Sasha July 03, 2003

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The totally hot new fiddle player for the Asylum Street Spankers.
Dammit, Sick was hot tonight when he sang "Closer."
by Sasha December 02, 2004

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An ironic synonym for thick. Use it for someone undeserving of the term thickor so retarded that they probably wouldn't understand the difference or I find it useful when sarcasm comes to play. Beware though a chav would use this term as a serious insult.
"Am I being fick?"

"Shit you're fick"

"A general fuckwit, sharing the intellectual qualities of the likes of George W Bush"

"oh my god mo fo you call me fick??"
by Sasha December 07, 2004

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A person who insults you in a cheap department store by asking, "Do you work here?"
What a dimp!
by Sasha July 03, 2003

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If you hadn't noticed, its prom spelled backwards. Its a party held for all non-prom-goers on prom night and no its not a party for rejects, its for groups of friends that aren't seniors yet... so get it right
Morp, my house, friday night at 8, spread the word to the rest of our friends..
by Sasha June 27, 2003

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derives from the term {retard] it's not PC but merely refers to somebody socially undeveloped- sometimes it's needed! you people know who you are!! Oh and it also means to be late tardy but I prefer the first expression.
"erm no sorry I don't do tards"
"do you have to be so tarded??"
by Sasha November 11, 2004

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