36 definition by Sasha

when your stomach " dun lapped" over your pants
Hey that lady over there needs to pull her pants up- she gots Dunlap Syndrome.
by Sasha June 15, 2006

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a childrens tv show on nickelodeon some years ago.
i just watched kablam yesterday!
by sasha December 21, 2003

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a hardworking sexy handsome guy very talented and he is a great husband to me !!!!!!!!!
he is always doinhis best even when itgets hard he always pushes the limit
by sasha July 07, 2004

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When youre cute and sexy at the same time
Gabriel is ceskier then any model or movie star.
by sasha March 19, 2005

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the best chapter in the whole world.
MOAD # 1855 is fucking awesome cause it has some awesome jews in it. I love MOAD
by Sasha January 12, 2005

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hunched over like an ape; gorilla style. skiing term
"He busted that skit with mad gorilla steeze!"
by sasha December 29, 2003

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Invented by James, on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the grossest and most annoying a 9.7 is pretty bad. It is frequently used to refer to an unattractive and unfun person often indulged in activites such as tv and complaining.
That girl is such a 9.7 I would rather get with a dude.
by Sasha August 04, 2004

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