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Crack is something that is sold by both drug dealers and prostitutes. The only difference is that a prostitute can wash her crack and sell it again.
"I stuffed some crack up her crack.
by Sarcastro October 26, 2003

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When the intestinal gases build up inside your ass, but you hold it in instead of flatulating... When you do this, the farts travel up your spine, into your brain, and this is where you get shitty ideas from.
James was holdin' it in and said something fucking retarded.
by Sarcastro October 25, 2003

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qwn:In online gaming/chat, intentional misspelling of pwn, which is a (sometimes) intentional misspelling of "own". The lowercase "q" is a reversed "p", and reversing letters is 1337.
Past tense qwned is much more common.
Oh man, Ts qwn the CTs again!!11

(The terrorists have once more thoroughly defeated the counter-terrorists in a round of counterstrike)
by Sarcastro September 05, 2003

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The act of understanding what somebody is trying to express.
"I'm feelin what you're vibin... I'm seein what yer sayin... seein?"
by Sarcastro October 26, 2003

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Nickname for downtown Great Barrington, MA. So called because of its overpopultation of townies, goobers, and Mucky-Mucks.
"No, he never went to college, he just hangs out in Gooberville all day."
by Sarcastro January 24, 2005

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What happens when you're nailing a chick from behind and just as you're about to blow your wad, you tell her she's the ugliest biznatch you've ever screwed... and hang on for dear life.
"That nasty hoe gave me a wild ride."
by Sarcastro October 23, 2003

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