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Superlative of pwned, gaming vernacular. What happens when one utterly humiliates one's opponent to an extent not thought physically possible. For example, at Magic the Gathering, trashing somebody on turn 3 or earlier thanks to utter skill and/or a miseworthy opening hand is an example of qwnage.

Note - Sometimes it is pronounced "Quoned", but I prefer to think of it as "Quooned."
"I utterly qwned that scrub over there playing Sligh. Heh."
by KHD September 13, 2003
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From the word pwned, that is from the word owned.

Qwned is when you dominate something, someone, usually used in computer games.
I just qwned this n00b. (I just dominated this newbie)
by JayZor December 23, 2006
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A stronger form of the word pwned and much stronger than owned. This is used when someone has been REALLY owned. I mean, like IRS-taking-taxes-out-of-your-paycheck owned.
by Sekani January 28, 2003
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1338 way of saying pwn. If you say anything but qwned you are only 1336 and need to re-read the entire cs manual.

Emilio and Fort totally qwned <insert nub here> with their tower of death.

I totally qwned the entire team during their eco round.

by Paralys November 09, 2002
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