The act of understanding what somebody is trying to express.
"I'm feelin what you're vibin... I'm seein what yer sayin... seein?"
by Sarcastro October 26, 2003
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Your eyes; A term often used by the..."less educated" folks down by the river
"Maw! My seein' balls dun got pecked out by a chicken!"
by Lunar/Solar August 20, 2008
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The mask-like device that a redneck diver or swimmer places on his or her face which allows them to see underwater.
Bubba: Hey , Brandi, you seen my underwater seein' glasses? I dropped my truck keys in the pond agin and gotta go look fer 'em.
Brandi: Yeah Bubba, they right there- on your big ole head.
Bubba: (reaching up and scratching at his big ole head) Well shut my mouth, they sure are! A yuck, yuck.
by Texaswonderwoman April 23, 2013
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someone who is completely and utterly (tanked, drunk, NOT sober, etc.) and complains of seeing unidentified birds under the ceiling.
Nancy was so tanked, we asked her, "you seein' vultures?"
by DB4Lyfe August 5, 2009
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