35 definitions by Sambiase

Another word for kissing-oral sex-and then taking a shit.
Dude 1: Hey buddy how was your night?
Dude 2: Awesome, spent it with girlfriend.

Dude 1: Nice!
by Sambiase February 28, 2018
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Fast & Quick with the power of a Roman God!
Wow that frickn car flew by like a Gennaro!
by Sambiase October 28, 2010
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Another name for a Latinas vagina.
Maria is not home right now, she went to have her taco boat waxed!
by Sambiase January 9, 2018
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Defining someone as your next conquest; the person you deem fit to be your next sexual encounter; a declaration the the person you speak of will be your next fuck!
Dam dude! Look at Laura; she's definitely my nexual.

Teacher: you ready for alesson?
Student: yes! Very nexual indeed!
by Sambiase September 23, 2016
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The inability to get an erection.
I know I’m getting old, this morning I had a floppy kid.

She knew I wasn’t turned on when she looked down my pants and I had a floppy kid.
by Sambiase February 16, 2018
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a method to dampen loud orgamsic screams during sex.

When you place you place the palm of your hand on your girlfriends mouth to keep her loud orgasmic screams down so that no one can hear her in the other dorm rooms!
Dude one: "boring night?" Dude two: "no man got laid!" Dude one: "I didn't hear a thing?" Dude two: "ya nasty loud, I thought nothing could dampen her enthusiasm, I had to use some palm muting to keep it down!" Dude one: "awesome!"
by Sambiase January 10, 2014
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The right guy to do the job & get it done right! Hard worker and faithful. Always on time and mindful of others. Respects the opinion of others, even though he may night agree with them. Focused, but a day dreamer, as he always wants to better himself and the work he does for others. Willing to bear all the elements, but never lose his dignity. If you need to count on somone, it's G-Man!
Man! That guy got all the work done in have the time! What a G-Man!
by Sambiase October 28, 2010
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