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Donner (also donner kebab, donner meat) is a 'meat' served in take-aways across the United Kingdom. It is often characterised by the image of a large slab of unrecognisable greasey brown meat turning slowly on a heated grill, often accompanied by a pair of large sweating onions.

The reasoning behind it's name is unknown, but it is thought that the term 'Donner' is of greek descent, but it's meaning remains a mystery. Others believe that it got it's name from the first ever batch created, which was by a cannibalistic man who mudered his wife (donna) and turned her into a kebab.

Donner meat is a firm favourite with the drunken hoards which amass from various student bars after closing time, for example 'Footage'. Due to it's appealing low price and easy dispensation it goes down well in such situations. The favoured venue for the consumption of this urban delicacy is Abduls. Abduls is a kebab house of legendary status and those who ever visit Manchester must experience the grandure and largesse of this eatery and the finery of it's cuisine.

Although the chemical and genetic make-up of the 'Donner Meat' itself is a mystery to modern man, further studies have shown that it actually does contain meat.

The thought ingredients of donner meat are shown below;

- Lamb (processed from reformed cuts of low grade meat, possibly including offal)
- Chicken (see Lamb)
- Dog (mainly previous RSPCA animals)
- Pigeon (of the city centre variety)
- Rat (of the sewer variety)
- Sawdust (often pine)
- Bone Chippings (possibly from meat or possibly from unfortunate slaughterhouse staff members)

Donner meat is proven to provide absolutely no nutritional value what so ever. It is recommended that you eat it with caution as it contains a lethally high dosage of saturated fat, salt, and other toxic substances.

Trials have shown that obsessive consumption of donner meat with accompanying alcoholic beverages can cause devastating effects to any mortal being.
Drunk(1): Yo lad are you gonna go to abduls and get a donner kebab you swine!

Drunk(2): Aye lad, I am.

Drunk(1): This donner is filth lad why did I pay £3.00 to abuse my internal organs.

Drunk(2): It's the law lad.
by S. Ladavooch April 16, 2006

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- Not Three Bad (Not 3 Bad)

A phrase used to respond to the question of how you are feeling.

A witty play on the saying "Not too bad."

Mainly used in areas of Northern England (e.g. Manchester, Newcastle, etc...)
Person1 - "Are ya reet lad?"

Person2 - "Aye lad, not three bad."
by S. Ladavooch October 08, 2006

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- Lad(s) is a term used to describe a male or males of varying age.

Depending on it's grammatical useage, for example when the term is used in it's plural form it may be used refer to group of males from any age group. Whereas when it is used in it's nounal form it is commonly used to refer to a young male. The reasoning for this is that males of a younger age may be too young (less than 10 years old) and males of an older age (25 years and older) may be too old to be referred to as just being a "lad" this is where lad prefixes come into use, for example that old lad or that young lad.

The use of these prefixes distinguishes the type of 'lad' which the speaker may be referring to, thus diminishing any ambiguities in the saying.

The origions of the creation of the term "lad" are unknown, but it is a word that has been used for centuries in and around the United Kingdom and many of it's old colonies i.e. Australia. The word itself is commonly used in the northern regions of England. It is uncommon to hear the term used in the southern regions.

The term "lad" is a very versatile saying and may be used in many ways e.g. casually, seriously, jovially and affectionately. In the correct cirumstances it can be used to convey a range of emotions, for example "Hurry up, Lad" in this case the addition of lad emphasises that the individual that it is being aimed at must make haste, "How are you, Lad" in this case the addition of lad personalises the greeting thus making it more intimate giving the sense of direct affection from one individual to another.

Many urban philosophers have taken the word lad and created altogether new terms while keeping the original meaning intact. Putting a new spin on the word, giving it vitality and taking away the belief that the word lad is only used by the older generations, for example;

- Ladavon
- Ladavooch
- Ladula
- Laddington
- Ladsmith
- Laddock
- Laddie etc.

The word lad has also been binded with suffixes to create terms which refer to those of which a lad(s) may take part in, for example "Laddish behaviour" refering to the generally unsavoury acts of a lad(s), but it is known to refer to any act or acts performed by a lad or set of lads. While the term "Laddish" does contain a suffix it is known to be used in the same sense as the term lad or any other counterparts of the term.
"Medical: I heard there was some laddish behaviour last night at the 'cock"

"Fadi: Brap brap, ladavooch"

"G: You're a filthy blood-sucking leech, lad!"

"Swann: I'm just going to drop the kids off at the pool, lad"

by S. Ladavooch April 18, 2006

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Wedding Cake:-

Wedding Caking is an extreme version of Bukkake, even more extreme than Gokkun in which an actress may swallow the ejaculate of up to and beyond 100 men.

The ultimate aim of Wedding Caking is to cover the 'cakee' in so much seminal fluid that they resemble a thickly iced (frosted) wedding cake.

To fully accomplish the act of Wedding Caking requires many litres of semen, this semen may be collected in advance, but common practice seems to favour live ejaculation; where the recipient is ejaculated upon by a constant stream of men.

A successful Wedding Caking may require upwards of 200 men, although it is a long process the outcome is very favourable and Wedding Caking is prized for its great entertainment value.

Wedding Caking is relatively uncommon, but is popular with the underground porn industry, large orgies, and swinging parties.

Amateur Wedding Caking is a more common act. Amateur wedding caking is done using the same process as normal Wedding Caking, but is done by only a small group of men. Amateur Wedding Caking is often refered to as Ice Bunning, Birthday Caking and Battenburging.
"Me and the lads gave Barbara a really good Wedding Caking last night, I had flashbacks to our wedding reception."

"If you don't shut your mouth I'll make you looking like a Wedding Cake lad."

"Ahmed arose from his slumber to the horrid reality that he had been Wedding Caked during the night."

"How about some Ice Bunning this evening wife."

"You want some Goo Goggles to go with that Wedding Cake, beeatch!."
by S. Ladavooch March 10, 2007

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Goo Goggles:-

Goo Goggling is the act of ejaculating onto the closed eyes of a recipient, thus giving the impression that they are wearing 'goggles', but are infact covered in seminal fluid.

Goo Googles can be given to a sexual partner as a sexual act, or can be striken upon an un-willing recipient in an act of humiliation. Goo Goggles can be used as punishment, where instead of the recipients eyes being closed they are forced open and recieve seminal fluid directly onto their eyes.
"How about I embrace you with Goo Goggles this evening wife."

"LOL I totally gave that beeatch Goo Goggles last night. ROFL irl!"

"I'm afraid that your criminal antics have earn't you a pair of Goo Goggles, hold his eyes open and I shall commence the Goggling.
by S. Ladavooch March 10, 2007

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- Dirty Digger

Slang term for someone of Black-African descent, see nigger, negroid, jungle bunny.

Dom - "Some wog tried to pinch my gear."

Si - "Dirty digger."
by S. Ladavooch September 10, 2006

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- Ladavoochery

A term much like Swinery, Laddish Behaviour, Loutish Behaviour etc...

Often used by ladavooches themselves (see Lad) to question fellow ladavooches if they shall be performing any unsavoury acts in the near future.
Ladavooch1 - "Yo lad, up to any ladavoochery this evening?."

Ladavooch2 - "Aye lad, me and the other swines are going down the pub to have a few sherberts (see Booze)."
by S. Ladavooch October 08, 2006

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