Racist term for African Americans, derived from the city being called the jungle and the fact that these people jump fences when running from the police.
Oh shit, it's a jungle bunny! Hide your jewelry.
by Cerpintaxt July 28, 2005
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Word used to describe a person of Black color, usually from South America or Africa regions. Considered usually armed and dangerous by the White Man.
Son, lock your doors, we're in Oakland now... plenty of Jungle Bunnies there!
by LordRemus November 02, 2004
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Offensive term for a black person. So-named because most of them live in cities and have the uncanny ability of the jump high fences and reproduce like actual bunnies.
Black man: Ay man, lem-me gidda dolla !
White man: What for?
Black man: I funna get some flamin' hot cheetos.
White man: (to friend) Stupid jungle bunny.
by Colin Z. March 23, 2007
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another raciest word for nigger,spook,nigga, coon.

"damn bro do you see that jungle bunny stealin my vcr and his coon ass homie stealin my tv"
by isghfhdgifdhgifdhgifdhg February 21, 2009
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A low class black person. This is not the same thing as an African American, as the politically correct term should only apply to those of color who are deserving of respect. An African American is nice, does not recieve governent assistance, and does not live a life of crime. Jungle bunnies, on the other hand, live off of foodstamps and the meager wages they receive from stealing cheap electronics.
Bill Cosby is an African American. The guy you see out your window breaking into your car so he can steal your cell phone and CD player, on the other hand, is a jungle bunny, as is his girlfriend that's selling crack.
by lacoste_lover November 08, 2005
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Another word to define an African American. Slang; or , a black person in a white community
Hey Johnny , look at the junglebunny walking by your house
by God April 06, 2005
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