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A rare sexual act in where the male places his testicles on top of the females eye lids. The female then blinks intensely causing her eyelashes to gently brush the skin of the testicles.
Me and my wife prefer goggling over oral sex.
by Crillsner May 09, 2015
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Derived from the term "Beer Goggles", which is the enhancement of one's visual appearance aided by alcohol, and "oogling", which is checking out a member of the opposite sex.
The term means, that when said individual is intoxicated and is checking out a member of the opposite sex, but isn't sure if this person is actually attractive or if they are just too drunk.
George: What are you doing?
Tim: Checking out the broads
George: Dude! They're so butch! Looks like your goggling again
by FriendlyFriend January 04, 2009
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to search ("google") while wearing Google Glass
Tim just got Google Glass - let's find out if goggling is any faster than googling with your phone.
by This name is being used March 25, 2013
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derived from the term google-oggling, which refers to the act of oggling stuff people google.

It is mostly used in the depths of IRC channels, but has recently made it's way to the surface as a mainstream phrase.
he spent his time goggling the women on his google image search for 'garter'.
by Hexbomber January 04, 2011
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