Donner (also donner kebab, donner meat) is a 'meat' served in take-aways across the United Kingdom. It is often characterised by the image of a large slab of unrecognisable greasey brown meat turning slowly on a heated grill, often accompanied by a pair of large sweating onions.

The reasoning behind it's name is unknown, but it is thought that the term 'Donner' is of greek descent, but it's meaning remains a mystery. Others believe that it got it's name from the first ever batch created, which was by a cannibalistic man who mudered his wife (donna) and turned her into a kebab.

Donner meat is a firm favourite with the drunken hoards which amass from various student bars after closing time, for example 'Footage'. Due to it's appealing low price and easy dispensation it goes down well in such situations. The favoured venue for the consumption of this urban delicacy is Abduls. Abduls is a kebab house of legendary status and those who ever visit Manchester must experience the grandure and largesse of this eatery and the finery of it's cuisine.

Although the chemical and genetic make-up of the 'Donner Meat' itself is a mystery to modern man, further studies have shown that it actually does contain meat.

The thought ingredients of donner meat are shown below;

- Lamb (processed from reformed cuts of low grade meat, possibly including offal)
- Chicken (see Lamb)
- Dog (mainly previous RSPCA animals)
- Pigeon (of the city centre variety)
- Rat (of the sewer variety)
- Sawdust (often pine)
- Bone Chippings (possibly from meat or possibly from unfortunate slaughterhouse staff members)

Donner meat is proven to provide absolutely no nutritional value what so ever. It is recommended that you eat it with caution as it contains a lethally high dosage of saturated fat, salt, and other toxic substances.

Trials have shown that obsessive consumption of donner meat with accompanying alcoholic beverages can cause devastating effects to any mortal being.
Drunk(1): Yo lad are you gonna go to abduls and get a donner kebab you swine!

Drunk(2): Aye lad, I am.

Drunk(1): This donner is filth lad why did I pay £3.00 to abuse my internal organs.

Drunk(2): It's the law lad.
by S. Ladavooch April 17, 2006
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South African slang, derived from Afrikaans which has a similar relevance to 'bliksem'. To hit or strike someone/something...

Derived from 'donder' (thunder) - Afrikaans.

Spelling variation 'donna'.
Zeks - "Aweh bru!"

Donovan - "Eh Zeks, don't aweh me china!"

Zeks - "Com' nou (now) Donovan bru, what's the problem?"

Donovan - "I heard what you said about my ma (mom)! Now I'm gonna donner you!"
by herm-eezy August 8, 2011
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The worst smelling poop in history, can only be likened to what the Donner Party shit after they ate their kin.
"Man I was in the rest room and someone musta took a huge donner in there!"
by catcherholic January 5, 2014
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North east England slang for drunk, mortal, battered, hammered, smashed, mashed, pissed, intoxicated, inebriated, shit faced, blitzed, sloshed, trashed, blasted, munted, fucked up, wasted, crunked, bombed, blazed, trashed, Irish, tanked, etc.
Person 1: Woah, what happened last night?
Person 2: You were absolutely donnered, daft cunt.
by The Master E April 27, 2007
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Sometime in the 1800s a bunch of pioneers going to california for gold got stuck up in the sierra mountains next to donner lake(nevada) during winter. They ran out of food and resorted to canibalisim - known as the Donner Party
Bob: Hey jim whered you get this meat from? theres no animals for miles, and i know you didnt get any fish out of donner lake, they are all sleeping for winter... and were did lucy go???

Jim: just shut up and eat it!
by jet520 April 30, 2008
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“My Donner is so big”
“My Donner is bigger than your life story
by Tangodown February 23, 2018
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