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An advanced hand job technique that requires both hands to be placed on the shaft of the penis and rotated in opposite directions, as if using a pepper mill.
Alex wrapped both hands around Colin's cock and gave him a pepper mill. He made sure to apply lots of lube so the integrity of his hard on would not be compromised..
by thefranchise June 26, 2006
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an advanced blowjob technique applied to a penis of significant length. where two hands are placed at the base of the penis and rotated in opposite directions (as if working a peppermill) while deepthroating the penis so far invoking a gag reflex (thus creating a similar noise to that of a peppermill).
Cyndi's only option upon seeing James' long hard cock was to peppermill - knowing that's the only way she could please him thoroughly.
by FunnyHatMafia November 16, 2009
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