(preposition) Because of, due to, as a result of — especially when describing the negative consequences of a misstep.

This usage marks a sharp linguistic divergence along ethnic lines: integral to ebonics and related dialects, unrecognized in any white vernacular.
The judge give Nyquilla 30 days behind that foolishness with her babydaddy.
by Big Gus Dickus May 22, 2008
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an abbreviation from a German word "behindert" to express someone or something is retarded, "behind" can be used to desribe a person, a thing or can be used to condemn someone after they did something wrong
Having exams on Saturday is behind
My friends burned the kitchen yesterday, he is behind
by ming@kettering December 15, 2012
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a greek person who is known for giving it from behind
Greek style from behind. A greek also known as a behinder.

"Look out he comes the behinder"
by ang... January 28, 2005
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preposition. after; following. Typically suggestive of a cause-and-effect relationship, but it is important to note that this is implied and not stated.
You gonna catch hell behind that bullshit from yesterday.
by LaJeep December 5, 2009
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One's background in a specific field; experience or expertise in an area.
His behindings include work in the CERN lab.
by Endi April 14, 2008
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A translation for a common Hebrew expression meaning - We'll meet later, whatever it is you want is not that important for now, you're giving me a headache at the moment, in short - later! later!
(Origianly - "Ochorey Ze").
"I'll meet up with you behind it"
by Tala October 11, 2005
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His behind was behind him but in front of her.
by pimp0r January 22, 2004
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