A wealthy and powerful businessperson or industrialist; a magnate.
by jayden February 18, 2005
Besicly to be a boss, a capo, filthy rish, ballin, etc.
Like Mac Dre of the Bay... Dipped in Sauce he flossed... The Boss Tycoon
by Yay Area March 3, 2005
A person, male or female, young or old who wants to get very rich in a very short time, but doesn't want to hard work for it. Usually he/she achieves his/her goal by sucking up to the most influential politicians, lawyers, public personae to gain such information, that gives him/her a substantial advantage over other concurence in the field.
He/she then hides most of his/her income from the tax people by creating secret bank accounts in foreign coutries. This person has no moral hindrances, he/she will financially, mentally, and publicly destroy everyone, that tries to expose him/her in the public. He/ she will try to accumualte an army of loyal minions from the politicans, journalists, lawyers, starlets and similar scum, to protect him in the public and from the public justice.
In public he/she tries to appear to act as a normal even a noble person, but behind this golden, poshy mask is tortured demonic soul, who hates normal, decent, average, not-rich, people, and who he/she sees as a 'cattle' that can be abused in any way. If Hitler was a bussines man, he would be labeled as a tycoon. Also tycoons were labeled as yuppies when they were younger. A tycoon is basically a criminal with good connections in higher circles, but can with his 'legal criminal' activity destroy a huge proportion of the local economy.
Newspaper report: The notorious local tycoon X.Y. has had once more the succes in avoiding the parliamentary investigation about his alleged sexual orgies with his domestic bullmastif dogs, by hiring the notorious lawyers' office Z.Y., who accused the public prosecutor of the political 'witch hunting'.
by The Darkman January 31, 2011
- Tycoon

A derogatory term for someone who is of Thai-Black-African descent.

See "Tiger Woods".
Person - "That Tiger Woods is such a tycoon."
by S. Ladavooch September 30, 2006
Roblox's games in a nutshell... please stop Im so tired of these copy and paste games
"Hey dude I was just scammed in Tycoon Tycoon Tycoon Tycoon "
by Thedudewholikesmemes August 4, 2019
A game, simulation, etc based off of making profit quickly by manufacturing, producing, and/or selling items. Usually in a Tycoon, there is better equipment/upgrades that can be bought with the currency you make from the game
I just bought a new coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon that's taking in lots of money.

I just spent 10 hours playing Tycoon games on Roblox :/
by DerekTV September 28, 2017
A person a who is the best at what they do. More like the creator of the subject itself. Nobody can do it better than them npr cam they understand the concept od how the tycoon does what they are tycoon of. Which makes them a tycoon at whatever it is at they do. Sorta like a sensai or the boss of bosses. Tiger woods is the tycoon of golf. Jordan is the tycoon of the slam dunk. CW is the tycoon of the blowjob.. No questions asked. Get it? Got it? Good!
Person #1- I need help with my computer , windows wont start..
Person #2- Well, dont ask me.. Ya need to call Bill Gates hes the TYCOON.
by TAKES 1 TO KNOW 1 (209) August 26, 2017