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>_< = The constipated face.
This game is hard...>_<
by Ry July 11, 2003

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Breasts larger than average.
She's got some hogans! or, I'd love to slap my cock between those hogans!!
by Ry May 21, 2004

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A third party game for Steam which Contains extreme violence that involves mowing down zombies with automatic weapons and axes. The main objective is to nuetralize the zombie infested area without getting bitten...if u get bitten you become a zombie, and bite other non-zombie players
You playin brain bread?


by ry March 27, 2005

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A young male whose name is actually Stephen, but gets called Jay.
he is of the Jayphen Variety.
I am luff teh jayphen
by Ry November 05, 2004

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The shittiest place to work in the world, because it has incompetent managers and coworkers. The food is good though.
Wendy's is a good place to eat, but never work there.
by Ry January 01, 2005

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Latin for "Infinity" to go on forever without ceasing
The universe goes on ad infinitum.
by Ry February 24, 2004

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the definiton of mahaling is loving someone at that moment doesnt necessarily have to be MAKING LOVE!! but loving someone like u r thinking of them and missing them...
Girl: wut r u doing right now?
John: Mahaling You!! dats about it
Girl: Ang sweet naman ni John
by Ry February 12, 2005

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