82 definitions by Running out of patience

A man who has difficulty achieving an erection without wearing some article of women's clothing is sometimes referred to as a "silkworm."
"My new boyfriend is rich and handsome, but he is a closet silkworm."
by Running out of patience April 16, 2008
When a young man sneaks his hard girth in the popcorn cup in a theatre and tries to share his "popcorn" with his date. Can wind up with a spontaneous handjob or a slap in the face.
That dork! He slipped me the buttered theatre girth on the first date!! Then what happened? I stroked his buttered peany and he exploded on my dress.
by Running out of patience February 15, 2007
This is a broad that looked cute as a bug when she snared a man into marrying her. It didn't take long for her to become an abrasive hog....just one or two kids and a few too many cheeseburgers. Now she is fat as a cow and eats bon bons all day. She will eventually divorce him for his alimony and move in with a black or maybe a mexican man.
"Man, that Jimmy married a pie wagon, didn't he? I'm glad I don't have to plank that hog. How does he get his wiener in between those mountains of flab.?
by Running out of patience May 18, 2008
One ridiculous spoiled bitch that thinks she is the center of the universe, just because her "show" (the wedding) is 18 months from now. Everyone else in the world has to drop everything and come running in this prime-donna's mind. The marriage will not last more than a couple of years,if the groom to be is lucky.
"Man, get a load of that bridezilla. We should warn him that he will never have another blow job after getting married."
by Running out of patience February 13, 2008
This is what closeted gay GOP officials who try to get balls deep with strange men in public airport restrooms are called. They also like tea-bagging, felching, and playing feed the elephant. They are hypocritical sick lying scumbags.
Senator Larry Craig is a foot tapper. Many other republican foot tappers have not been caught YET.
by Running out of patience April 26, 2009
An expression for "taking the gay road."
"Why doesn't your son come with you to the games anymore?""Well, *sob* I'm afraid he has taken the hershey highway.
by Running out of patience February 16, 2008
A complete waste of skin, young, dumb, and full of come suburaban white kid nigger wannabe. They worship niggers and want to become one.
Look at that wigger over there grabbing at his ball sac and wearing his cap sideways. Let's go and bitch-slap him."
by Running out of patience July 19, 2008