82 definitions by Running out of patience

When one takes a horrendous commode shattering crap. It sounds horrible and smells even worse.
"Oh, no, here comes that slobby truck driver again. He comes here just for the purpose of making the brown rumble and never buys anything. Quick, get the "out of order" sign for the restroom.
by Running out of patience February 1, 2008
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A place where you can flirt with underage trashy trailer-park girls, or have a young senorita beav you.
"Man, the hot buxom little mexican chick showed me her cooter at Walmart. The sap is flowin' continuously.
by Running out of patience February 4, 2007
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Really sticking the wiener in deeply with a young virgin, who hasn't had her depths explored before.
Man! I want to explore her fathoms!!
by Running out of patience December 14, 2007
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Once in a while, for whatever reason, a rectreational drug dealer, even the most reliable and friendly ones, will make the deal fall through on purpose. This is to let the customer know who is the boss, and is usually passive-aggressive. It really can be disappointing and frustrating.
Boy, I really got chumped today by my rock and roll doctor. He said he had some lebanese blond in hand, and he said it fell through after I drove for two hours to get it. Oh well, at least I have this swagg.
by Running out of patience February 28, 2009
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To have your face pooped on by a really stupid rich idiot.
"I didn't realize I was going to get kobe'd just because Tyrone paid for the white castles. I would rather eat my chitlins."
by Running out of patience July 19, 2008
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These are typically 24 year old yuppie wannabees straight out of college. It takes about 18 months to get them to the point where they can actually do something constructive for the company. Once this happens, they get a stupid title with the word "worldwide director" or something, and from this point on will not put their hands on anything tangible, like a product.
"Man, that Jeremy is an egghead. We finally get him to the point where he can walk without hand-holding and he gets a position with the armchair engineers."
by Running out of patience March 15, 2008
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This is what closeted gay GOP officials who try to get balls deep with strange men in public airport restrooms are called. They also like tea-bagging, felching, and playing feed the elephant. They are hypocritical sick lying scumbags.
Senator Larry Craig is a foot tapper. Many other republican foot tappers have not been caught YET.
by Running out of patience April 26, 2009
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