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A conversation that dies because of an awkward statement, a lack of things to talk about, or some other reason that kills a conversation. Deadversations, when in person, usually occur when an awkard statement is made. Deadversations in texts are usually caused by the use of the terms nm, lol, any vague statement, or any other conversation killers. The result of a Deadversation is usually: All parties stand in awkward silence, All parties walk away, or an attempt to restart the conversation, which will fail. In text, the texters will usually stop texting or desperately try to outlast the other texter before giving up.
*Another person and I are having a conversation*
Me: How is everything going in your life? Mine is good. I have a new job, great girl, relaxed life; I don't think it could be better.
Guy: Fine.
Me: Way to go. You just made this a deadversation. Major Buzzkill.
by Royce McMillan June 4, 2010
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A photo bomber that out of sheer stupidity, identifies themselves while photo bombing, i.e. through a direct faceshot in the picture, introducing themselves, or any other way that would identify someone, or worst of all, photo bombing without making a facial expression while giving a facial shot and identifying themselves. Suicide Photo Bombers generally have the balls to photo bomb but always forget the important part: Screw it up without screwing yourself over.
Me: Hey, Jason, see the hotties taking a picture? I'm gonna photo bomb them.
Jason: Ok, let's do this.
*i walk behind them and make a messed up face. Jason walks in front of the camera and gives a direct faceshot without a messed up face*
*At same time as he walks in front of camera* Jason: Hi, my name is Jason Jones.
Me: Fail. Way to be a Suicide Photo Bomber and reveal who the hell you are, dipshit.
by Royce McMillan June 4, 2010
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To attempt to do something where success is extremely unlikely or impossible. Sniping is hard, and using a shotgun makes the job almost impossible. Use it when describing a situation that is the same as pissing into the wind
Guy 1: Hey, check out that girl over there. Think I can get her?
Guy 2: No offense but you might as well try to Snipe with a Shotgun.
by Royce McMillan May 26, 2010
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An Irish name, which means "Little King" in its roots. A person with the name of Ryan is usually a kind-hearted guy that’s funny with a great sense of humor, honorable, respect for all people, especially women. The only time a Ryan does not show respect is if you piss him off, usually by giving him bullshit, doing something to him that is absolutely uncalled for, or asking dumb questions that requires some common sense to answer. Another thing that may piss him off is doubting him because he’ll go to all lengths to prove you wrong and then he will be mad at you. Be warned: Ryans are usually easy to anger and tough to cool down. Ask nicely (but not immediately after pissing him off), he will forgive you, but usually you will have to owe him one. When talking to him, he is respectful, may interrupt here and there, but above all, a great listener that is only matched by the great advice he gives. With his help, he might try to fix it if you are a close friend, but sometimes ends up screwing it over accidentally. Physically, Ryan has dark hair, hot body and dark eyes, but may not be the tallest or shortest in the area. If you are looking to date someone, then go after Ryan because if you don't, someone else will go after him. He will show more love for his gf than for anyone else, but make sure you don't do anything stupid because that may cause a break up. If he asks for your number (especially if you are a hot girl), DO NOT DENY HIM because it means he sees something in you.
Girl 1: I pissed off Ryan today, despite the fact that I like him because of his personality, and his looks are a bonus.
Girl 2: He is very understanding, go talk to him about it. Plus, he might notice you more than others.
Girl 1: Good call, I think he will understand, but I will wait a day or two before talking to him, give him time to cool down.
by Royce McMillan May 6, 2010
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What happens to the victim of someone who is bi-winning. Generally what happens when someone absolutely fails at life, for example, Season 1 Episode 10 on When Cheese Fails 101, a YouTube show about Starcraft 2. Bi-losing happens when someone is bi-winning so hard, and in math, you have to do what you did to one side of the equation to the other, so if someone bi-wins, another person has to bi-lose.


The only verb appropriate to describe how hard someone is failing.
Dude 1: Hey, I just got laid by 4 girls last night. What happened to you and that other girl?
Dude 2: I shit the bed and got rejected.
Dude 1: Looks like I'm bi-winning.
Dude 2: Damn, I'm bi-losing hard.
by Royce McMillan May 20, 2011
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When a guy, during sex, pulls out of the woman and ejaculates all over her face. The jizz must thoroughly cover her face, making it look like the receiver was putting on sunscreen.
Me: Hey dude, I just finished doing a Dutch Sunscreen.
Guy: Way to Go.
Me: It was on your mom.
Guy: . . .
by Royce McMillan May 21, 2010
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The condition that some people have where their fatal flaw is hubris. Hubris is having too much pride to the point of thinking that they do not need help and can do anything on their own without outside help, even when the situation is a snipe with a shotgun.

The condition comes from Achilles in the Trojan War where the gods told him he could not kill all of the Trojans without help but he charged on anyways, which led to his death. The pride inside of him made him charge into battle so he could keep his pride instead of lose his pride, and then his honor.

It's probably best to let the person with Achilles Complex to find out their own way that they will need help with the task at hand. If you insist on helping before they ask, you will miss one thing and another will happen. You will miss them actually asking for help (they just rejected all of their pride), and jumping in before they ask will just anger them. All you can do is wait for their call for help. Then, if you are not a douche, you will help. If you are a douche, then you should kill yourself before the person with Achilles Complex does.
Me: Hey check out the hot blondes over by the pool.
Sam: You will just be shot down. Look around.
Me: I'm doing it anyways.
Sam: You really do have the Achilles Complex. Want my help?
Me: Hell no. If I wanted it, I would have asked.
Sam: Ok. Good luck.
by Royce McMillan June 13, 2010
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