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A conversation that dies because of an awkward statement, a lack of things to talk about, or some other reason that kills a conversation. Deadversations, when in person, usually occur when an awkard statement is made. Deadversations in texts are usually caused by the use of the terms nm, lol, any vague statement, or any other conversation killers. The result of a Deadversation is usually: All parties stand in awkward silence, All parties walk away, or an attempt to restart the conversation, which will fail. In text, the texters will usually stop texting or desperately try to outlast the other texter before giving up.
*Another person and I are having a conversation*
Me: How is everything going in your life? Mine is good. I have a new job, great girl, relaxed life; I don't think it could be better.
Guy: Fine.
Me: Way to go. You just made this a deadversation. Major Buzzkill.
by Royce McMillan June 03, 2010
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