A photo bomber that out of sheer stupidity, identifies themselves while photo bombing, i.e. through a direct faceshot in the picture, introducing themselves, or any other way that would identify someone, or worst of all, photo bombing without making a facial expression while giving a facial shot and identifying themselves. Suicide Photo Bombers generally have the balls to photo bomb but always forget the important part: Screw it up without screwing yourself over.
Me: Hey, Jason, see the hotties taking a picture? I'm gonna photo bomb them.
Jason: Ok, let's do this.
*i walk behind them and make a messed up face. Jason walks in front of the camera and gives a direct faceshot without a messed up face*
*At same time as he walks in front of camera* Jason: Hi, my name is Jason Jones.
Me: Fail. Way to be a Suicide Photo Bomber and reveal who the hell you are, dipshit.
by Royce McMillan June 4, 2010
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